outbound training programs

Experiential learning is considered the best form of learning. The lessons learnt are deeply embedded and form the spring board for enhanced learning. The challenge of Outbound training, as a process for experiential learning, is the ability of the facilitators to debrief and bring out the learnings from seemingly unrelated activities. Krushar has the capabilities to conduct customized outbound training programs using outdoor games and adventure sports.

The specialist facilitators have extensive experience in conducting adventure sports such as Parasailing, Rappelling, Fox jumping, Mountain biking, construction of burma/monkey bridges, Microlite flying etc. These combined with outdoor games is an exciting way of driving home the key aspects of team working, trust building, communication, managing change and overcoming fear. The OBT has been used effectively to drive home the organizational values such as integrity, mutual respect, fairness, customer satisfaction, quality and made the participants live and experience the values. We can customize the programs to the levels of the participants in terms of age, gender, experience, fitness and needs of the organization.