career options

Choose the career that suits your personality, interest and needs. Undergo a psychometric assessment and personal counseling for knowing exactly what suits you.

Selection Process: Have you been looking for a job and not getting one? Understand the selection process and prepare for it with the help of experts. Experts, who have helped hundreds get the job they wanted, teach resume writing, participate in GDs and face personal Interviews.

Sales closing: Have you been making calls and the sale is still eluding you? Learn how to close the sale and overcome the objection. This is a proven technique that has benefited thousands – you can too.

Team Management skills: Are you a practicing manager and want to learn how to manage your team more effectively? Are some people more difficult than others and are always causing you headaches? Learn how to get the best out of your team with the expert who has built high performing teams.

Get that promotion now: You feel that you are the right candidate for promotion but the people who decide do not seem to think so. This can be overcome by the right approach to the promotion interview and right build-up to the interview. Learn how from the person who has grown from the lowest rank to head the training function of an organization.